Neuer Oneness Partner Course

Ein einmaliger spiritueller Kurs diesen September:


Der Kurs 108 oder Oneness Partner Kurs ist ein exklusiver 3 Wochen Kurs mit exzellenter Betreuung, fast alle Vorlesungen durch Kumarji und Umarji, exzellenten Prozessen, bester Verpflegung und Unterkunft und im wunderschönen Campus 3. Die Teilnehmer erwachen und machen grosse Sprünge im Bewusstseinslevel. Es geht um Erwachen in die Freiheit, in den Frieden.

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For Oneness Partners

Whether you are the CEO of a company, the leader of a nation, or a blue-collar worker; whether your life is easy or difficult; as long as the past remains alive within you, you are trapped. The memory of the past by itself is not troublesome, but when those memories carry a ‘charge’ they cause you to suffer.

So what is a charge? How does it form and influence our life?

Life is a flow of experiences. Love, separation, failure, success, oneness – these are all kinds of experiences. Our tendency is to hold on to pleasurable experiences and resist pain. In an attempt to avoid pain, we run away from situations and people who cause us to suffer. This need to avoid pain and experience pleasure can be helpful, as it allows for structure and order within society. We are disciplined to develop professional excellence and be on amicable terms with people both professionally and personally.

However, the problem begins when this tendency to avoid pain and experience pleasure replicates itself in the psychological realm. We try to push away events like emotions and memories of the past or projections into the future that cause pain and pull in pleasurable experiences. It is this resistance that does not allow us to experience anything completely. Once experienced, the event ceases to trouble you psychologically, but left inexperienced, it leaves behind a residue that we call a “charge.” Years of resistance have created an emotional baggage of charges that we all carry.

The past, as an event in space and time, is over – but has it ended within us? No!

These charges create repetitive thoughts and emotional patterns that deprive you of inner peace. Like a criminal revisiting the scene of the crime, the mind too repeats those inexperienced events over and over. There is a constant chatter within the mind, preventing you from feeling calm and relaxed.

So how do we handle this? Are we to remain eternally gripped by the past?

Charges have a tendency to reveal themselves through our reactions, emotions and perceptions, but we tend to deny them.

Oneness Partners Courses will take you through the steps of releasing these charges and experiencing freedom for the first time. You will discover inner peace and equanimity as you are in harmony with the world around you, fully experiencing joy in your life.


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